How to Vote in the 2013 Australian Federal Election

Updated: 23:53, Sept 5 2013.

What follows is my guide to voting in the 2013 Australian Federal Election. It is informed by the following guiding principals, to ensure:

  1. The Liberal party does not hold power in both Houses
  2. Minor hate parties are elected into no seats
  3. My general policy proclivities

The general ordering has been determined by actual policy checking (where possible), inferred (by examining preferences) and several gut calls, so YMMV.

While this guide is for Kingsford Smith in the lower house and NSW in the upper house, the list for the Senate should be useful in general for electorates elsewhere. Colour bands (I know, I know, don’t rely on colour) are a general guide to: okay, okay single-policy, no policies, good and bad, bad single-policy, bad, and hate.

House of Representatives — Kingsford Smith

  1. MACDONALD, James - The Greens
  2. THISTLETHWAITE, Matt - Labor
  3. LUCAS, Geordie - Future Party
  4. HAPP, Diane Olga - Palmer United Party
  5. FENELEY, Michael - Liberal
  6. SHIHA, Jacquie - Christian Democratic party (Fred Nile Hate Group)
  7. SOMERFIELD, Danielle - Rise Up Australia Party

Senate — NSW

  1. The Greens
  2. Labor
  3. Socialist Alliance
  4. Socialist Equality Party
  5. Secular Party of Australia
  6. Sex Party
  7. Future Party
  8. Australian Democrats
  9. Pirate Party
  10. The Australian Republicans
  11. Help End Marijuana Prohibition (HEMP) Party
  12. Stop CSG
  13. Bullet Train For Australia
  14. Drug Law Reform
  15. Voluntary Euthanasia Party
  16. Animal Justice Party
  17. Carers Alliance
  18. The Wikileaks Party
  19. Whalan (Independent group)
  20. Wang (Independent group)
  21. Senator Online
  22. Palmer United Party
  23. Smokers Rights
  24. Australian Fishing and Lifestyle Party
  25. Building Australia Party
  26. Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party
  27. Shooters and Fishers
  28. Non-Custodial Parents Party
  29. Katter's Australian Party
  30. Australia Voice Party
  31. Democratic Labour Party
  32. The Nationals
  33. Liberal
  34. United Australia Party
  35. Australian Protectionist Party
  36. One Nation
  37. Family First Party
  38. Liberal Democrats
  39. Stop The Greens Party
  40. No Carbon Tax Climate Sceptics
  41. Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Hate Group)
  42. Rise Up Australia Party
  43. Australia First Party

Feedback welcome!

Hugs, @mjog